10 Creative Diwali Decoration Ideas | Diwali 2022

Diwali is a joyous and vibrant festival. Though it is a celebration involving crackers, gifts and scrumptious food, the festival also calls for cleaning and decorating your home. If you too are confused and wondering of a fresh and unique way to embellish your house this Diwali, do not fret because this article is your saviour.
Here are 10 stunning Diwali decoration ideas that will give your home a wow factor and make the celebration a memorable one.

Candles in colorful glasses
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Beautiful Flowers

Flowers play a vital part in all Indian pujas and festivities. And they hold even more importance for Diwali. You can drape the doors, windows and curtains with bright garlands of flowers like marigold. This will give your space a traditional look and definitely draw attention of all the visitors. Also, the fragrance of the flowers will give your home a fresh ambience.

Floral diwali decoration
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Cute Paper Lanterns

Diwali feels incomplete without paper lanterns or kandils, as they are traditionally called. With a little creativity, they can be an awesome item for your Diwali decoration. Hang them in rows or bunches in the balcony to give your home a classy vibe. You can also try colored lanterns to perk things up.

Paper lanterns hanging
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Soothing Candles

Apart from diyas, candles are also heavily used as a Diwali decoration. If you are bored of the regular ones, try candles of different colours, shapes and sizes. Placing them in empty corners will enhance the overall appearance of your house. Pairing them with exquisite candle holders and burners can be a treat to the eyes. Further, you can also try floating candles, that are sometimes scented, for a divine experience.

Floating candles
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Rustic Showpieces

Elegant metallic statues, vases and showpieces add a festive charm to your home. They give a traditional feel to an otherwise contemporary space. Showpieces can very well enhance a dull corner of your home. You can place them on the center table or side tables for a good view.

Metallic statues of deities
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Dreamy Dreamcatchers

What’s not to like in dreamcatchers? They are chic, colorful and extremely light in weight. They come in numerous designs and are made out of varied materials like lace, ribbons, flowers, fabrics etc. They are known to attract positive vibes and alleviate bad dreams. But with its intricate patterns and colors, a dreamcatcher can make for an awesome Diwali decoration as well.

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Pretty Rangoli Designs

Creating Rangoli is a very popular tradition during Diwali. It not only looks mesmerizing but also draws positive vibes. Rangoli can be created in varied shapes and styles. Generally, it is made with colored sand. But it can also be made using other materials like rice powder, chalk, paint, flowers and even diyas. If designing a Rangoli feels like a lot of hard word, you can use stencils to trace.

Floral rangoli
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Fragrant Potpourri

Potpourris can work as an excellent decorative element. You can place them on your center table, side table or dining table to spruce up the space. It’s alluring scent will keep your house smelling fresh and the colourful flowers or herbs in it will make for a captivating display.

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Aesthetic Wall Hangings

Beautiful wall hangings on the walls will add a dimension and elegance to your living space. The ones with flowers, elephants, deities etc give a traditional vibe and are apt as Diwali decorations. Wall hangings like torans not only beautify your home but are also considered auspicious. You can make them yourself too.

Colourful wall hangings
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Lush Green Plants

Indoor plants are a great Diwali decor option. They can very well enliven and rejuvenate a dull corner of your house. Plants like ponytail palm, spider plant, string of pearls, monstera, etc will add a pep to your space as they have unique shapes and leaves. You can use colorful pots for your plants and drape string lights around them to give a festive feel.

Plants in pots on a desk
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Magical Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Mason jars filled with fairy lights have been very popular as a Diwali decoration in recent years. They look enchanting and you can even make them yourself. These glass jars with lights can be kept on tables or hanged like lanterns. The same can be done with glass bottles too.

Lights in mason jar
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Here’s hoping that you loved the aforementioned list of Diwali decor ideas. You can implement any of them or mix together two or three. Pretty sure your guests will be awestruck by the home decor.
If you have any more ideas, do share with us in the comments section.
Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Diwali!

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  1. All the ideas were very creative. I really liked the idea of using paper lanterns and wall hangings for the diwali decoration. I will definitely try them.

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