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4 Simplest Tips To Create Your Dream Living Room

True to it’s name, a living room is where the family gathers to meet, greet and enjoy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the most lively and significant spot in a house. You may be spending a lot of time in your living room to watch TV or have a family get together. And since the pandemic, it might also have turned into a little office for you to comfortably work from home.

But it is also the first section of your home that you open up to visitors. It represents your choices and flavours to the guests. A living room is truly a definition of your abode!

a well organised living room
A living room is the first section of your home that you open up to visitors.

These days, however, you would hardly find a well kept and organised space, let alone a living room. An unordered room can be way detrimental than you can imagine. There are several ways in which an unorganised room can affect you:

1) Unorganised Places Reduce Concentration & Focus – Trying to finish a task in an unkempt and unorganised room can be difficult. It can come in the way of your thoughts and creativity.

2) An Unorganised Room Can Cause Accidents – If things in your room are not placed properly and scattered here and there, the probability of stepping up on them and tripping over is quite high!

3) Clutter Can Reduce Work Productivity – You won’t be able to work in a cluttered room with full dedication and concentration because of the all the visual disturbance in your workspace.

4) An Unorganised Room Can Disturb Your Mood – Coming home to a messy room after a rough day is enough to make anyone dull and irritated. Seeing a haphazard room can make you anxious and disturb your peace. Of course , no one wants to be uncomfortable in their homes!

a messy room
A messy room can greatly affect your mood.

Since the living room aka drawing room is quite a pivotal part of your home, it should be comfy, ordered and inviting. It should infuse happiness and a feeling of bliss in the person sitting there. At first, the thought of implementing this might feel like a heavy task. But fortunately, the perfect living room can be achieved by following only a few basic principles.

Here are the top 4 tips on how to design that dream living room:

1. Decide Your Furniture

Furniture in your living room is like the first impression of your house and obviously, it should look and feel the best. If your room is small, do not place large sized sofa and table. There should be ample space for moving around in your living room.
Sofa can be considered as the most important item among all the furniture for your living room because it is where you spend the most time on. Therefore , it should be chosen carefully. It shouldn’t only look beautiful but also be comfortable. A sofa also controls how you’ll arrange all the other furniture , thus it’s location should be perfect in the living room.
Along with the sofa, you would also want to get some additional seating like accent chairs for extra accomodation. Generally, two similar seating are chosen.
Choosing a centre table carefully is equally crucial. It must not be too delicate and fragile. Decide whether you want a small or a large table depending upon the dimensions of your sofa and chairs. In addition to these requirements, the height of the table should also be checked. A table too low or too high in height will turn out to be an uncomfortable experience.

sofa with accent chairs and centre table
A typical arrangement of the couch, accent chairs and centre table.

2. Light It Up

Lighting up your room well is one of the most valuable tips for an ideal living space. Choose lights that give proper brightness. Too dim or too bright lights are enough to spoil anybody’s mood. They should also be positioned properly, preferably at a place which acts like the centre of the room.
Buy quality lights. They should both be durable and appealing. Money spent on lighting never goes waste. Lighting of your room is a prerequisite, thus, invest well in it.
In addition to artificial lighting, attention on natural light should also be paid. Good natural light in a room makes the ambience fresh and lively. Try to keep windows as exposed as possible for natural light to enter well into your space.

In addition to artificial lighting, attention on natural light should also be paid.

3. Colour Up Your Room

The living room is a place to unwind , relax and have fun. The colours you decide for this room should exhibit vivaciousness and enthusiasm. Make sure the shades you choose are not too bright or dull. They must soothe your eyes and make the room look welcoming, cozy and classy. Whatever colour you decide, it must complement with the furniture and accessories placed in the room.

colourful room
The colours in your living room should soothe the eyes and make the space look welcoming and classy.

4. Use Complementing Accessories & Decor

After deciding the furniture, lighting and colour, you must select some accessories and decor stuff to enhance your living room even more. Do not hesitate to experiment and add personal touches to your decor. Whatever it is that you choose , make sure it is strategically placed. The following are some decor and design ideas that will help you deal with issues like empty spaces , dull walls and managing clutter.

1) Place Plants

Plants in a living room feel very inviting and add life to it. They can wonderfully take up empty corners without making the place messy. The only thing is to take good care of them. It’s better to put low maintenance, small plants that can endure unfavorable conditions.

Try small and low maintenance plants in the beginning.

2) Beautify With Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add more colours to your room. If you have a small living room, adding long curtains (floor to ceiling) can very well make it feel larger.

Curtains are an opportunity to add more colours to your living room.

3) Jazz It Up With Rugs

The floor is the most underutilized thing in a room. The best way to use it is by placing rugs. Rugs or carpets add texture to your room. If you wish for a classy living space, rugs are your answer!

Rugs add texture to your room.

4) Make Use Of The Walls

Those bare walls of your living room have got a lot of potential in them. By only a few additions, your dull and boring walls can come alive. Paintings, photographs, wall arts, etc on the wall give a different dimension to the living area.

Paintings, wall arts etc on the wall give a different dimension to the living area.

5) Try Vases & Lamps

Along with being useful , vases and lamps add a lot of decorative appeal to a room. Most often , we think of them as objects that only embellish the side tables. But floor lamps and vases can wonderfully awaken a dull , empty corner of your living space.

Both table and floor lamps can awaken a dull corner of your room.

Executing these simple yet valuable tips in designing your living room will surely give results that you desire of and some really impressed faces too!

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