Are You Ready For A Pet? 8 Important Points To Consider Before Getting One

Do you spend most of your time scrolling for cute, squishy pictures of cats and dogs on Instagram? Congratulations, you are entirely pet obsessed! Their baby eyes and adorable faces can win anyone’s heart. It is incredibly difficult to ignore the thought of bringing these sweethearts home immediately upon seeing.

Though tempting, adopting a pet should not be an impulsive decision. There are many crucial factors that one must consider before getting a pet companion.

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Advantages Of Keeping Pets

Pets love us unconditionally and can put a smile on our face in any situation. There are several benefits of having a pet pal:

  • Pets will make sure you never feel lonely.
  • They reduce stress and tension.
  • Getting a pet gives you a sense of purpose.
  • They keep you fit.
  • They can support people with disabilities.
  • Pets are loyal and make you feel safe.
  • They can be a great companion for children.
  • They make people responsible.
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Pets Suitable For Beginners

There are many pets that you can keep other than cats and dogs. Some low maintenance pets that can be good for those who have never owned one are as follows:

  1. Guinea pigs
  2. Hamsters
  3. Rabbit
  4. Rats
  5. Fish
  6. Birds like Parakeets
  7. Turtles
  8. Dogs like Pugs
  9. Cats like British Shorthair
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Important Points To Consider Before Getting A Pet

Here are some points and factors to keep in mind before bringing a pet into your family:

1. Knowledge About The Pet

Before getting a pet, it is important to know well about it. Do research on subjects like pet care, nutrition, grooming, training, nearest vet, safety, etc. A lot of information can easily be attained from the internet. But you can consult a vet for more reliability though.

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2. Affordability

Pets are sweet but they can be pretty hard on the pocket. One should get a pet only when they are sure of their financial situation. Toys, food, health care, grooming, etc are some of the expenses that can come with adopting animals like cats or dogs.

guinea pig
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3. Time

Pets are like babies. Once you bring them home, they are like a new member in the family. Some pets like fish or turtles may require less attention than others. But they all require considerable care. Companion animals like dogs and cats require ample amount of time everyday. Play time, walks, exercise, feeding etc are some crucial responsibilities that come with having a pet in your family.

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4. Enough Space

While smaller animals like birds, hamsters and cats can mange in little space, the larger ones need wide rooms to stretch and exercise. If your house is not too spacious and allows less movement, pets can get bored, resulting in them getting destructive. They may jump and chew on furniture, causing them to sometimes injure themselves. Make sure the pets are given ample walks and exercise, regardless of them being big or small.

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5. Allergies In The Family

Always check for any kind of allergies in the family before bringing a new pet. The dander and fur of some animals can cause bothering symptoms like eczema, sneezing, asthma, watery eyes, etc. If you are not certain whether or not your family members are allergic to animals, consulting with a specialist might be good idea.

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6. Pet-Sitting

We all have to travel every now and then for reasons like work, vacations, etc. Sometimes these travel plans get made all of a sudden. For such cases, you may need pet-sitters, relatives or reliable friends to take care of your pet babies.

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7. Grooming & Training

Pets must be trained well. You can invest your time with a trainer and teach your pet pal obedience and importance of good behaviour. You can also use information from the web to self train them. Apart from training, pets also need to be well kept and groomed. You must trim their hair and nails timely. For bathing, use a good, paraben free shampoo as other cheap shampoos can damage their fur.

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8. Veterinary Services

Find a veterinarian for your pet at the earliest. A vet should be the first person on whom you must rely on for any medical concerns or information about your pet. It would be better if you find a veterinarian close to your residence.

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Measures To Prevent Animal Bites

Though most pets or animals are friendly, some can cause harm. Children more than any other people are generally the victims of animal bites or attacks. The following suggestions may help you and your children to avoid such instances:

  • Don’t play rough with your pet and encourage play biting.
  • Never disturb the pets when they are sleeping or eating.
  • Do not pet any unfamiliar cat or dog (in fact any unfamiliar animal).
  • Never leave young children alone and unattended with a pet.
  • Avoid any kind of undomesticated animal.
  • Do no ill treat or tease your pet.
  • Timely take your pet to the vet for vaccination.
  • In case of an animal bite, rush to the doctor immediately.
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A Final Note

Pets sure are adorable and a lot of fun but they are also an important responsibility. Thus, one must thoroughly think before getting a pet pal. Though owning an animal will cost you money and time, but in the end, it will be a very worthy experience.

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