10 Clear Signs A Person Is Good For Your Mental Health

Throughout our life, we encounter a lot of people. Though some may be kind, loving and encourage us to do our best, there are others who emit negativity and miss no chance to depreciate us. It is important that we eliminate such people for the sake of our emotional and mental health.

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Mental health is very real and anyone or anything that upsets it is not worth your time and efforts. Therefore, here is a list of some common signs that will help you identify whether or not a person is good enough to be in your life:

1. They Encourage And Motivate You

A positive individual will always inspire you to excel and achieve the best. They are optimistic in their approach and their influence will make you feel the same. If you ever feel a person is being a hindrance in your endeavours, it is best to distance youself from them.

2. There Is No Place For Competition Between The Two Of You

Around the right person, rather than feeling competitive, you will feel comfort. Competition stems when you have the notion that the other person is greater. But between individuals who are like minded, a feeling of equality exists and each one acknowledges the fact that everybody has a different life path to walk through.

3. You Can Share Anything With Them

Finding someone to talk to is a luxury these days. It is a great feeling to have somebody around with whom you can share your emotions and thoughts. To the right person, you can express anything without thinking twice. They will hear you out without criticising and make sure you do not feel insecure.

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4. They Listen To You Without Judging

The greatest thing you can do for someone is to listen to them. More than an advice, most people want their loved ones to just hear them out. The right people will make you feel heard and listen to your words with compassion. They are understanding and will not judge you at any cost.

5. They Stand With You In Both Good And Bad Times

A true companion is someone who stands with you and provides support under all circumstances. They celebrate your achievements but also stick by you in times of struggle. They never leave you alone and believe in overcoming difficulties together.

6. They Don’t Demean You For Your Imperfections

You know a person is caring and good for your mental health if he/she accepts the real you. Such people don’t humiliate you for your flaws, rather help in overcoming them. They embrace your authenticity and would never shame or belittle you for it.

7. They Don’t Hesitate In Making An Effort

A real friend will stay connected with you no matter what. They do not shy away from taking the first step. They think about you and will always keep an update of your well being. A righteous person also believes in reciprocating the efforts you put.

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8. You Don’t Have To Pretend Infront Of Them

If you have to constantly think that a person will ridicule and tease you after saying or doing something, this may be a red flag. You shouldn’t have to transform into a completely different character to be with a person. This way, for majority of the times, you will be under constant pressure. And this is extremely awful for your mental health. The right one will respect you for your realness and make sure you feel secure.

9. They Make Sure To Communicate

Communication is vital for all kinds of relationship, be it with family, friends or a partner. Conversations can eliminate misunderstandings and help to better understand a person. If a person is open, honest and communicates to deal with issues, they definitely deserve to be a part of your circle. Such a person is devoid of any ego.

10. They Don’t Question Your Boundaries

A right influence will not make you guilty for saying no. They understand your needs and are willing to compromise. They respect your decisions and won’t get mad about it or have any hard feelings. You can freely tell them if you are reluctant to do something.

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Prioritising your mental health is a must, even if it means distancing from certain people. Here’s hoping you find the right kind of people in your life!

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