Are You Overdoing Yoga? 5 Important Signs To Look For

Yoga is a well recognised term nowadays. Fast paced and chaotic life has made millions of people take retreat in yoga and meditation. It is an ancient practice which strengthens one physically, mentally and spiritually. It keeps you healthy and relaxed. Yoga is a safe practice to do, even for children and senior citizens. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any heavy equipments.

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Yoga In Brief

Yoga has been around since time immemorial and originated in the Indian subcontinent. The word ‘Yoga’ basically means ‘union’. It is the union of one’s body, spirit and mind. Yoga began as a practice to grow spiritually, but with time, it has become a way to restore physical and mental wellness.
Yoga is a practice that involves a series of body postures called asanas, breathing techniques known as pranayama and meditation i.e. dhyana. The ultimate aim of yoga is to instill peace and aid in spritual awakening.

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Merits Of Doing Yoga

Persistent and regular practice of yoga offers a plethora of benefits to both your body and mind. Here are some impressive reasons why you must do yoga everyday:

  • Practicing yoga can slow down the aging process by lowering oxidative stress.
  • Yoga rejuvenates the skin.
  • It alleviates stress and anxiety by reducing the cortisol levels.
  • It strengthens the lungs and can treat a number of respiratory ailments.
  • Meditation and yoga can improve your sleep.
  • It can help detox your body and improve the functioning of your circulatory system.
  • It helps to maintain the perfect body weight.
  • Yoga boosts the functioning of your immune system and protects you from diseases.
  • Doing yoga regularly helps increase endorphin and GABA levels which as a result, reduce tension and boosts your mood.
  • It is a great way to ease muscle tension and improve your body’s flexibility.
  • It increases productivity and focus.
  • Yoga is an effective way to boost your metabolism.
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Risks Of Practicing Excessive Yoga

Doing yoga has a lot of perks and for most people, they generally outweigh the side effects. But it is necessary to look at both the sides. Too much yoga can pose several adverse effects:

  • It can cause new injuries and also aggravate older ones.
  • Too much yoga in hot weather can cause dehydration, resulting in nausea, dizziness etc.
  • It can cause fatigue and tiredness.
  • It can lead to high blood pressure due to increased circulation.
  • Excessively straining yourself can produce aches and pains in your body.
  • Overdoing yoga may reduce your muscle flexibility.
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Signs That Tell You Are Overdoing Yoga

Yoga should make you feel at ease and peaceful. Excessive practice may backfire and leave you with lifelong complications. Here’s how to tell you are way too much into yoga:

1. Your Muscles And Joints Feel Sore

Experiencing new or long lasting pains may be an indicator of too much yoga. It means your muscles and joints are surely swollen because of inflammation. You should never force yourself into poses that are difficult to do. Back off immediately if you feel even a little bit of discomfort.

2. You Are Way Tired Than Usual

It is true that practicing yoga can leave you feeling active and energized. But sometimes it is best to go slow and steady. If you are overloading yourself with yoga or doing a style that is too advanced, your body will feel exhausted. The fact is, yoga shouldn’t leave you feeling drained. If you push yourself too hard, with fatigue you may also have to face injuries.

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3. You Sideline All Your Responsibilities For Yoga

If your yoga training interferes in your day-to-day activities and you neglect all other obligations for it, this may be a little too much. It is unhealthy when you start missing things in life like family gatherings, dates, weddings, etc due to your obsession with yoga. Yoga should be a part of your life, not become your life!

4. You Keep Worrying About Your Looks

Everybody wishes to look good but if you are constantly worried whether your body looks perfect or not during a pose, you have misinterpreted yoga. Everyone’s experience with yoga is different. But it is beneficial to all. You must concentrate on how the pose feels rather than how it looks.

5. Your Breathing Is Strained

This is the most significant sign which indicates that you are too engrossed in yoga and forcing yourself beyond extent. Yoga is all about being focused on your breath and if you are palpitating or breathless while practicing, it is not real yoga. For yoga to be effective, your breathing must be long and deep.

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Summing Up

Yoga improves our overall well-being and it should definitely be practiced regularly. But anything done in excess becomes harmful and the same goes with yoga. The objective of yoga is to promote relaxation and awareness. And doing it in excess means opposing these purposes. It is necessary to listen to your body and not push it too hard. Yoga in moderation has innumerable benefits and has the ability to change your life.

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