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Why You Should Prioritise Self Care Pronto

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde

Very few of us would agree of being taught about self care as kids. Throughout our lives , we have been taught to put others before ourselves. Even though it means keeping our own needs aside. Because somehow , it appears arrogant and not a pleasant thing to do.

Self care is a trending subject these days. We regularly come across it on social media or in magazines. Seeing everyone share different thoughts about self care has given rise to a lot of misconceptions and confusion around this topic. And which is why , it becomes absolutely important to analyse it’s real essence thoroughly.

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What Is Self Care

The term self care has become too mainstream and it’s repetitive use has made it way too difficult to understand about what precisely it is.

To put it simply , self care is an overall term that depicts all that you do for your psychological, physical, and social well being. It can be referred to as the activities that are done with the intention to restore energy or reduce stress.

Anything from dancing to running or even sitting still can be considered self care , if it makes you happy and less stressed. But as important as it sounds , self care is heavily ignored.

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Why Do We Disregard Self Care

Why do we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves? Well , there can be several reasons for it:

1) We Don’t Have The Time

The fast paced that we live has left us with no time for our loved ones , let alone for ourselves or self introspection. Let’s be honest , we are insanely running behind short termed , materialistic joys and thus , self care is bound to be distant. The world needs to understand that making time for yourself is a paramount for a healthy body and mind. When you invest time in self care , it’s like pressing the reset button , and everything falls in place!

2) We Don’t Feel The Need

Generally , we feel our growth , health and mind doesn’t really matter. And that we can absorb in whatever the world throws at us. These are negative reflections and will only wound us emotionally. We realise the value of self-care only when we can’t take it anymore. We must remember that our body is a responsibility and loving it is the only remedy to all its problem. Taking tiny breaks to watch after ourselves can provide us with the necessary force that can drive us a long way.

3) We Think Taking Care Of Ourselves Is A Sign Of Weakness

We have become habitual of putting up that facade of happiness and strength because of the judgemental society we live in. We hesitate in showing up our fragile side , fearing the opinions of others. It becomes hard to ask for help , and then , distress ensues. Why does the general idea of ‘being strong’ mean suppressing one’s feelings? Crooked ideologies like these pull back people from meeting their potentials. It hampers personal growth.

4) We Relate Self Care With Being Selfish

Repeatedly thinking of others before ourselves has made us believe as if self-care is a crime of some sort. We can’t possibly justify taking time out for self-care without feeling guilty. Caring for yourself doesn’t mean being self-centered. In fact , it is the actual opposite. Looking after yourself allows you to be well present for others.

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Why Prioritise Self Care

Self care encourages you to build a solid relationship with yourself , so you can transmit positivity to others. You won’t be able to give others , what you don’t have yourself.

While some may find self care as being egoistic, it’s a long way from that. That being said , when you give adequate consideration to your wellness, you’re not thinking about your requirements alone. You’re revitalizing yourself with the goal that you can simply be in the best form for the people around you. Everybody likewise profits by the refurbished energy and happiness you show.

Practicing self care doesn’t mean you are picking yourself over your cherished one. It only means that you are just being aware of your own requirements, so you are better ready to help individuals you care about. When you are calm and stress free, you are better ready to address the issues of others.

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Let’s dwell more into the magic of self care:

1) Self Care Promotes Good Relationships

The more joyful and healthy you are, the more you can provide for a relationship.

2) It Reduces Stress And Tension

Anything that causes you to feel more free can assist with lessening side effects of pressure and tension and to lift your mood.

3) It Improves Your Overall Physical Health

Activities like exercise and yoga not only build strength but also provide immunity to your physical body.

4) It Increases Confidence , Courage and Self-Esteem

Taking time to enjoy and relax yourself can have a positive impact on the way you see yourself. Treating yourself with love and kindness can make you look upon yourself with more compassion.

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Self Care Ideas That You Can Begin Now

So here are some awesome little self care tips and ideas that you can start incorporating in your life from now itself:

  1. Do things only when you wish to. Don’t do it for the sake of others happiness.
  2. Take a break , if you feel overwhelmed.
  3. Go for a vacation.
  4. Take a warm soothing bath with essential oils.
  5. Monitor your self negative talks. Replace them with positive statements.
  6. Shop for your favourite outfits.
  7. Talk to a close friend or family member.
  8. Cook or order your favourite foods.
  9. Allow yourself to have a lazy morning.
  10. Blast your favourite music on speakers.
  11. Learn to say no.
  12. Plan an outing with your friends or family.
  13. Take some time off from the social media. Unfollow accounts that demotivate you.
  14. Clear out unpleasant contacts from your phone’s (and even life’s) contact list.
  15. Say a small prayer everyday.
  16. Eat small and light meals throughout the day.
  17. Dance or sing like no one’s watching.
  18. Watch something funny to refresh yourself.
  19. Clean and remove unnecessary items from your room.
  20. Give your body a nice , warm massage.
  21. Stay in the Sun for at least 10 minutes daily.

Integrating some of these habits in your lifestyle will definitely help bring that required harmony in your life.

So what’s first on your to-do list?

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